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AIG Case Study

Remote Vendor Monitoring at AIG


American International Group, Inc. (AIG) is a leading international insurance organization, serving more than 88 million commercial, institutional and individual customers in 130 countries. One of the company’s 64,000 employees, Snir Hoffman, Infrastructure Architect, needed to deploy a solution to monitor external vendors with access to credit card information. AIG provides its vendors with access to 40 regulated servers via virtual workstations that contain all the required applications. AIG needed to monitor everything that vendors did on those servers, in order to demonstrate compliance with PCI regulations


Hoffman’s team initially deployed ObserveIT to provide the monitoring required by PCI, and were satisfied with its low-maintenance reliability. However, the company discovered how valuable ObserveIT could be in other areas following an incident that caused an important system to fail. “While troubleshooting the downed system, we realized we could use ObserveIT to show us what might have caused the problem,” recalls Hoffman. “Sure enough, ObserveIT showed us precisely what happened: one of our trusted vendors inadvertently corrupted a configuration file. This helped us restore the system quickly, and address the matter with our vendor.”

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