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Allianz Case Study

External Vendor Monitoring at Allianz

Allianz uses ObserveIT to monitor external vendors


Allianz SE is a multinational insurance and financial services company headquartered in Munich, with 150,000 employees serving 80 million customers in 70 countries. In mid-2014, the company embarked on a major IT project with the goal of consolidating its 140 data centers into a new private cloud residing across just five data centers. To make this happen, the company retained the services of IBM, KPMG and other outsourced contractors. However, this presented a critical challenge to the company: by German law, any third-party contractors with access to protected health files and health insurance data had to be closely monitored and audited. Failure to do so would put the company’s directors at risk of criminal prosecution.


Allianz’s Head of Global Identity and Access Management, Michael Holder, was tasked with addressing this compliance challenge. A quick online search by Holder revealed that ObserveIT appeared to be an off-the-shelf product that promised to address Allianz’s compliance needs. The fact that IBM had prior experience with ObserveIT and recommended the product made it a no-brainer for Holder

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