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Bellin Case Study

Customer Auditing and ISO 27001 Certification at BELLIN Treasury

Bellin ensures ISO 27001 certification with ObserveIT

BELLIN helps companies of all sizes find a pragmatic approach to their treasury business by offering comprehensive and fully integrated treasury solutions. The BELLIN solutions are deployed in 7 different data and application centers across multiple continents, on Windows-based hosted machines running IIS and MS-SQL Server.

To fulfill their commitment to reliability and regulatory compliancy, BELLIN offers their customers a completely transparent system audit. In fact, over a third of their customers perform full process audits before even starting a deployment.

BELLIN's management philosophy is to invest up-front in an effective infrastructure that will then stand the tests of time and keep administration costs low. Following this philosophy, they chose ObserveIT for their system auditing platform for user activity monitoring.

Read about why BELLIN chose ObserveIT to capture all user activity.


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