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Telecom Argentina Case Study

Providing remote access to vendors while ensuring corporate data is secure

Telecom Argentina keeps remote vendor access secure

Telecom Argentina S.A. (Telecom) is the mother company of a leading telecommunications group that is engaged in providing fixed-line public telecommunication services, mobile voice and data services, international long-distance services, data transmission and Internet connectivity in Argentina.

Telecom was attempting to use a SIEM tool to monitor the activities of internal administrators and third-party vendors while logged in to company systems. Because the SIEM did not provide the required transparency into user behavior, the company began looking for a better solution.

After evaluating products from a variety of vendors, the company selected ObserveIT for a number of reasons:

  • ObserveIT is focused exclusively on – and excels at – session video recording and auditing.
  • ObserveIT’s keyword-based video search is "amazing and unique."
  • ObserveIT equally supports monitoring of Terminal Servers/Citrix farms and stand-alone servers.
  • ObserveIT’s ease-of-use allowed Telecom to quickly roll out security and monitoring services to several areas within the organization.

"One of the most interesting advantages of ObserveIT is its full recording and search capabilities which allow us to search for and pinpoint any specific moment from among thousands of hours of session video recordings,” remarked Diego Hernan Pizolli, Telecom’s CISO. “ObserveIT has not given us any headaches or major issues – as long as the suggested backups and database maintenance jobs are running, no other efforts are required. Even product upgrades are fast and painless."

Later, after the initial ObserveIT deployment, the company also wanted to record and audit all changes made to more than 10,000 network and communication devices. 

Telecom is currently using ObserveIT to record and audit user activity on 1,600 Windows servers, a Citrix farm environment and over 14,000 communication devices, thus providing almost complete coverage of the company's entire IT infrastructure.

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