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Data Loss Prevention

Detect & Deter Data Loss Before It Happens

A complete data loss prevention (DLP) security strategy must understand a company's sensitive data and the behavior of its users.  Data doesn't leave a company on its own, people take data - employees, privileged users and contractors.   Traditional data loss prevention software focuses entirely on a company's data, attempting to detect only the final stages of data loss, data exfiltration.  The problem is that people who steal data are very good at covering their tracks, and hiding their actions from data focused DLP.  

To address data loss, you need to understand that data loss is actually the final stage of the Insider Threat Attack Chain.  Insider Threats like data loss, stem from our users, not from data.  Users planning on taking data often operate for months collecting data, and communicating with other parties long before they attemp to actually exfiltrate data from the company.  

Insider Threat Attack Chain

ObserveIT focuses on users and the critical role they play in data loss. By monitoring users, identifying risky users with risk scoring, and analyzing user behavior, ObserveIT allows you to detect all stages of data loss, including the earliest stages of the Insider Threat Attack Chain. ObserveIT provides many capabilities that help to detect and deter data loss long before it happens. With our detailed proprietary metadata and endpoint agent-based approach, ObserveIT is able to distinguish abusive behavior from normal activity, determine user intent, collect irrefutable forensic evidence, and even deter or block out-of-policy behavior. With our powerful Packaged Analytics, you’re able to immediately detect hundreds of known risk patterns and advanced threat scenarios of out-of-policy user behavior.

user behavior analytics

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