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more freedom & access should not mean less security visibility

In today’s corporate environment, employees are more dispersed and work with sensitive data on a daily basis. For security teams, piecing together employee context around multiple suspicious actions from disparate logs is expensive or often impossible. Employee monitoring solutions are installed only after the fact and reduce employee productivity with bloated agents that overburden workstations.

Examples of high-risk employees:

  • Disgruntled employees
  • Departing employees (voluntary or involuntary)
  • Employees with access to sensitive data or IP

Risky employee behaviors may include:

  • Installing hacking tools 
  • Moving sensitive data to Removable Media, Cloud Shares etc.
  • Accessing insecure websites
  • Exfiltrating corporate intellectual property

Investigate Risky Employees 10X Faster

Clear Evidence Trail

  • Irrefutable evidence easily shared and understood by Cybersecurity, IT, HR, Legal and business units
  • Granular visibility into who did what, when and why with our timeline views, visual activity replays & exportable reports 

Google Search for Investigations

  • Understand the who without combing through logs and correlating disparate data points
  • Search across suspicious users, applications, websites, files & keywords

Without Crashing Endpoints

  • Lightweight user mode agent that deploys silently to ensure employees’ days are not interrupted
  • No conflicts with your endpoint security stack when deployed enterprise wide

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“ObserveIT Insider Threat Management provides Genpact with a lightweight, easy to implement and maintain solution to detect and respond in near real-time to risky human behaviour. With rich and granular metadata integrated into my SIEM, my team has cut time to resolution of open incidents by 3X.”

Mohammed Abdul Haseeb, Assistant Vice President, Information Security, Genpact

1000+ Customers. 100+ Countries

Your World Recruitment Group in Combating WhatsApp Data Exfiltration


Recruitment industry: A popular target for data security threats

These organizations often possess personally identifiable information (PII) on candidates and information regarding employment opportunities within other firms—data which can be misused by employees with access. 

Furthermore, most mid-sized recruiters cannot afford massive, in-house security and compliance teams to mitigate these risks.

Industry: Health Care & IT Staffing
Size: 500 – 1000 employees; privately held & global workforce


Small IT team casts large security shadow with ObserveIT

ObserveIT enabled their small IT team to investigate attempted data exfiltration and other risky employee behaviors in a timely, user-friendly, and effective manner. Our platform is easy to use, even without deep security training or a large team, and identifies threats graded by severity without requiring fine-tuning and hands-on alert management.


Evidence gathered in seconds & investigations completed in days

ObserveIT has helped the organisation identify and put a stop to several potential insider threats, including:

  • A user attempting to defraud the organisation via falsified business expenses
  • Users creating fake email accounts to impersonate candidates in an attempt to change bank details and ultimately steal money from the organisation
  • Rampant sharing of credentials, which could lead to intentional or accidental data leakage

The IT organisation is able to use ObserveIT to proactively reinforce their security policy via user reminders popping up in apps like WhatsApp, email clients, and CRMs.

Now, employee investigations take one to two days instead of weeks previously. The team is able to run lean while feeling confident in their ability to catch and investigate intentional and accidental threats, maintain GDPR compliance, and protect their business and reputation.

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