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Every corner of the financial services industry experiences Insider Threats, from asset management, private equity, and hedge funds, to technology trading, to insurance companies, and more. Insiders — whether they’re trusted employees or third-party contractors — can introduce risk to your organization, since they have access to sensitive data, critical applications and systems. ObserveIT’s Insider Threat Management platform empowers security teams to detect, investigate and respond in real-time to insider threats and data loss.

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24 %

of all breaches are targeted at financial institutions, making finance the largest target of any industry.

Source: Verizon DBIR 2017

Financial Institutions are at risk for insider threats

Financial service organizations maintain sensitive data, such as customer financial information, investment reports, trade models or algorithms, term sheets, client and investor information, pitch books and more.

No industry experiences more online attacks and other threats. More than half of attacks (58%) on financial service companies come from insiders. In today’s highly connected environment, it’s never been more important to understand and eliminate Insider Threats at your organization. ObserveIT allows financial services companies to identify, investigate, and respond to data exfiltration and data loss caused by insiders.

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