Identify User Risk

Correlating logs manually leaves

many blindspots around high-risk users

Your users are the new security perimeter. For security teams, piecing together context around suspicious user and data activity from disparate logs is time-intensive and often impossible. Worse, traditional solutions reduce user productivity with bloated agents that overload workstations. ObserveIT enables you to quickly understand context around user activity and data movement for high risk users without performance and management headaches


Clear Evidence Trail

  • Share irrefutable, easy-to-understand evidence with cybersecurity, IT, HR, legal and other business units
  • Gain granular visibility into who did what, when and why with timeline views, visual activity replays, and exportable reports

Google Search for Investigations

  • Gather context into incidents without combing through logs and correlating disparate data points
  • Search across suspicious users, applications, websites, files & keywords

Lightweight, Low-Impact Agent

  • Ensure employee productivity and security with sensitive data, via a silent, user-mode agent
  • Avoid conflicts with the organizations existing endpoint security stack when deployed enterprise-wide

how much could you save with insider threat management?

1000+ Customers. 100+ Countries

Global Chemical Company Uses ObserveIT to Gain Visibility into Insider Threats


Reactive security posture leaves teams in a forever scramble-drill mode

Previously, the firm lacked the necessary visibility into user activity to know when insider threat incidents took place, investigate them, and take appropriate action. Even with existing prevention and analytics tools in place, they were forced to pull various logs to decipher whether alerts were real and to gather evidence for potential incidents. Their investigation teams were overloaded with cases.

In one case, they had to resort to asking employees about their USB usage to determine who last touched the lost sensitive data. They couldn’t track file movement or USB usage across the enterprise.

Industry: Manufacturing
Size: 10,000 – 50,000 Employees


Now, security has enterprise-wide visibility and irrefutable evidence at their fingertips

ObserveIT provides deep visibility into this firm’s user behavior, without infringing upon privacy. The platform enables detailed investigations into potential insider threat incidents, including fraud and misuse, with the full context needed to understand what really happened.

The team is now hyper-aware of activity around common threat vectors like USB device usage and exfiltration to cloud services. The company restricts investigations to likely infractions, and even uses ObserveIT to exonerate innocent employees.


Proactive security: Insider investigations are fast, collaborative & protect against major incidents

It comes down to improved security operations and investigations efficiency. Within the security operations team, false positive alerts are more manageable as it takes seconds to triage them with user context collected by ObserveIT. The investigations team is able to share easy-to-understand evidence with stakeholders, without having to analyze and summarize multiple logs and reports.

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