Privileged User Investigations

Resolve Incidents 10x Faster

Gain insights into the users behind shared accounts

Whether their actions are malicious or accidental, privileged users can easily put the organization’s most sensitive data and other assets at risk.

Examples of high-risk privileged user behaviors:

  • Unauthorized account sharing
  • Bypassing security controls
  • Accessing sensitive data as root
  • Installing suspicious software
  • Unauthorized privilege escalation

Examples of accounts to monitor closely:

  • Privileged user accounts
  • Local and domain administration accounts
  • Emergency, service, application, and database accounts
  • Active Directory or Domain Service Accounts

Investigate Risky Privileged Users 10X Faster

User Attribution for Shared Accounts

  • Detect unauthorized server activity using admin, root or other shared accounts via secondary authentication
  • Share easy-to- understand, visual screenshots with HR and legal.

Broad Server Monitoring Support

  • Ensure privileged users follow security best practices and don’t abuse their privileges on servers
  • Covers Windows, UNIX, Linux, virtualized environments such as VMWare and Citrix Ready and cloud infrastructure such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform

Meet Compliance Mandates

  • Comply with data security and privileged user mandates via instant reports about privileged user access on remote machines
  • Helps meet: PCI-DSS, SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, CERT Insider Threat & NIST standards

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Aircastle Advisors

First solution I go to for investigations is ObserveIT. Within seconds, my team uncovers the real user – employee, contractor, 3rd party vendor – behind events involving suspicious actions using root accounts, shared server credentials and unnecessary privilege escalations.

-Bill Duenges, SVP, IT Aircastle

2000+ Customers

  • Baxter
  • Boston Private Bank & Trust Company
  • CGI
  • Corning
  • Cree
  • EY
  • First Foundation Bank
  • Genpact
  • iconectiv
  • Just Eat
  • Microsoft
  • ptc
  • Rogers
  • RMS
  • Security Mutual Life
  • SKY
  • TIAA
  • Visa

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