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With valuable IP and data to protect, technology and consulting services organizations need to consider dedicated Insider Threat management in addition to external, legacy security solutions such as SIEMs and DLPs. Lengthy investigations that involve sifting through a sea of logs can make it hard for security teams to understand exactly who did what, when, where and why. ObserveIT provides complete visibility into both user and data activity, so you can detect and respond to incidents, as well as educate users with security awareness policies in real-time.

90 %

of organizations feel vulnerable to Insider Threats.

Source: Verizon DBIR 2017

The Insider Threat at technology organizations

Whether they’re sophisticated privileged users with access to sensitive areas of the server, or trusted employees and contractors, insiders pose a major risk to technology organizations. With critical IP (such as source code, design patents and more) and valuable data (customer lists, marketing plans, product roadmaps etc.) at stake, organizations can’t afford to ignore this often-overlooked problem.

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