The 10 Biggest & Boldest Insider Threats of 2019 and 2020

The global pandemic has sped up remote work adoption. Distributed teams can increase insider risk. Without a holistic security strategy, many organizations have faced insider-caused breaches. Malicious actors have also used the pandemic to carry out social engineering schemes, hack internal systems, and weaponize insiders.

Here, we cover ten of the boldest insider threat incidents in the headlines over the last 18 months. Together, these incidents provide a useful glimpse into the reality of insider incidents:

  • What do these incidents look like? Who is behind them and why?
  • Are they intentional, accidental, or the result of credential theft?
  • How much do they cost the organizations they affect?
  • What can we learn from them to better protect our own organizations?

Insider threats can happen anywhere, anytime. Examining real-world examples is key to recognizing how they play out, so you can shore up your own insider threat defenses.

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