The Insider’s Motive: Defending Against the 7 Most Common Insider Threats

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About this Webinar

Insiders have something outside threat actors never will: trust. They’ve surpassed the challenge of external security defenses and can navigate sensitive internal resources with breakneck speed. According to the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report  (DBIR), 20% of cybersecurity incidents were caused by people inside the organization.

Unfortunately, many teams aren’t equipped to act quickly to detect and stop these incidents before it’s too late. Here’s the good news:  if you know the top motives of insider threats, you can determine the right countermeasures. Security experts Chris Bush of ObserveIT and Sam Curry of Cybereason will lead attendees through the top strategies to stop both accidental and malicious insider threats in their tracks.

You will learn:

  • The top 7 most common insider threat focus areas, from accidental leaks to espionage
  • What motivates these insider threat actors
  • The risks of each type of insider threat
  • Real-world examples of these threats in action
  • Countermeasures to defend against each specific type of threat


  • Sam Curry

    CSO, Cybereason

  • Chris Bush

    Head of Security, ObserveIT

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