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With the ObserveIT free trial, you can take a guided tour to experience several common use cases, and see how having added visibility and data-backed context into user and file activity can help minimize the risk of a costly insider threat incident.

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  1. Detecting potential insider threats
  2. Investigating incidents, in real-time
  3. Stopping data loss and misuse

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You don’t need to set up or configure anything to try ObserveIT. Our sandbox environment has been pre-populated with sample data – all you have to do is fill out the form and go!

Attention: Please note after trying Insider Threat Management solution, we may follow up with you to provide relevant information on our product capabilities based on the use cases and pain points you may have indicated during your trial experience. Please note that this is a feature of our trial only and is solely for informational purposes to make your user experience better. Our Trial Download and our actual Insider Threat Management product do not give us any such visibility into how you might use our product.

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