Understanding Insider Attacks

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About this webinar

The pressure is on. A high-risk user departing the company has taken hundreds, maybe thousands, of files critical to the organization’s brand and strategy, and you are just finding out 72 hours later.

Insider threats pose a massive risk to organizations, and security teams have to do their best to ensure control sets are in place to deter and prevent the threat that walks in every day. However, prevention can be extremely difficult when the threat is coming from the inside.

View this webinar, featuring Jason Bloomberg, president of industry analyst firm Intellyx, to understand the underlying motivations for insider attacks and to learn how you can effectively detect and respond to insider threats.

You will learn

  • Gain insight into who the compromised insider is likely to be and why they are attacking
  • Learn how to guard against malicious and accidental insider threats
  • Find out what technologies can help you quickly detect and respond to insider threats

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