The Business Case for
Employee Monitoring

“Security and risk management leaders must
be aware of the increasing concern over employee malfeasance and
deploy solutions to discretely gather evidence.”

– Gartner Market Guide for Employee-Monitoring Products and Services, Jonathan Care, 22 August 2018


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The development of effective security intelligence and control depends on the ability to capture and analyze employees’ actions (related to business operations) that take place inside and outside the enterprise IT environment.

Employee monitoring software can:


Prevent breaches

Reduce overall costs

Ensure compliance

From insider threat, either intentional or unintentional Of bandwidth from inappropriate use of devices and networks With corporate policy and applicable regulations (such as HIPAA or GDPR)


Deploy Employee Monitoring Tools Without Sacrificing User Privacy

Employee monitoring doesn’t have to be like “Big Brother.” An effective Insider Threat Management strategy keeps employees in the loop, giving them context into why user activity monitoring processes and technologies are in place.

It’s not just good practice for people, it’s good for business (not to mention GDPR compliance).

Step 1: Foster a culture of cybersecurity awareness by making employees a part of the conversation. Proactive, in-the-moment coaching can help employees understand cybersecurity policies, avoiding potentially costly errors.

Step 2: Choose a solution that allows for anonymization of employee data to protect user privacy, while collecting the user activity data you need to investigate insider threats.

Employee Monitoring & Insider Threat Management

Employee monitoring is just one part of a greater, more comprehensive Insider Threat Management strategy. Cybersecurity teams need to gain a clear understanding of their people, establish effective processes, and make strategic use of technology.

A modern Insider Threat Management platform can help teams:

Move Beyond Employee Monitoring

with an Insider Threat Management Platform


Uncover risky user behavior with user activity monitoring, and keep employee data anonymous

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Investigate “risky” or suspicious user activity in minutes, with detailed analytics and insights

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Get proactive about Insider Threat Management with user alerts, blocking, and education

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Ready to Detect
and Stop Insider Threats?

ObserveIT’s Insider Threat Management platform helps teams go beyond employee monitoring to capture a more complete picture of risky or out-of-policy user and file activity.


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