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Seminar in Luxembourg with OPNS

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On September, 20 Observe held a joint seminar with OPNS, its partner from Belgium and Luxembourg. The event was held in the beautiful and famous “Confiserie de Namur ” and attracted executive security managers from various sectors including banking, media and software services.

The event was addressing the conflict of companies which want grow and become more profitable, while not letting compliance requirements should interfere with this goal. As business expansion is often restricted by statements such as “We can’t deploy this new customer application yet, because we don’t have an audit system for it.”  We have demonstrated how to allow flexibility to deploy new applications and modules immediately, with no need for adoption of new audit protocols for each new feature.

During this seminar  IT security issues that affect financial sector CIOs and CSOs, including auditing privileged users as well as securing and auditing all remote access. Another major topic was how to discover and solve 5 high-risk security gaps that research shows exist in more than 80% of large enterprises today, even those that have extensive Access Control and SIEM tools in place.

During the seminar we have demonstrated how to:

• Establish named-user accountability for every Administrator/root level access and 3rd party vendor access
• Generate detailed user activity audit logs for every application, even those that have no internal logging
• Meet strict security regulations including PCI, ISO27001 and SOX while assuring employee policy and
privacy awareness